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Angola Embassy Attestation

At MCM Attestation Services is a forge and pioneer in delivering documents authentication services for Angola Embassy Attestation. If you are planning to migrate or travel to Republic of Angola either for your studies, for doing occupation, for better living or any of the reasons above, all of the legal documents originated and initiated within India needs to be attested from Angola Embassy located within India to be signified in Angola.
The Republic of Angola is not an associate of the Hague convention and thus does not necessitate Apostille.

oman embassy attestation

Therefore, it is obligatory and mandatory to attest all of the documents from Embassy of Angola within Delhi, India. Process or Procedure of document attestation is little complex as well as time taking, but we are here to assist you best and eradicate all your stress with our effective attestation worries. Our certified and qualified professionals do best job in less time and at reasonable rates.

Advantages of Angola Embassy Attestation:

• It is extremely advantageous and proficient for those who wish pursue their higher studies in Angola.
• It is also helpful in getting admission within the schools of Angola and gets equivalent certificate for your child.
• It is also helpful in attaining employment visa and thus increases the occupation opportunities open up in Angola.
• It is extremely helpful to get settled in Angola as it is very vital and important for attaining residence visa for you and your family.

Educational Documents:

• UG degree certificate
• PG degree certificate
• Diploma degree certificate
• PHD degree certificate
• Engineering degree certificate
• Medical degree certificate
• Management degree certificate
• Hotel management certificate
• Law degree certificate
• Technical degree certificate
• Professional degree certificate

Non-Educational Documents:

• Salary Certificate
• Transfer Certificate (TC)
• Equivalence Certificate
• Death Certificate
• Birth Certificate
• Divorce Certificate
• Experience/ Employment Certificate
• Marriage Certificate Attestation
• Medical Certificate
• Single Status Certificate etc

How to Get Certificate Attestation from Angola Embassy?

Process and Procedures depends according to type of document and purpose of moving, let’s have a look:

Process and Procedures for Educational Documents:

First and Initial of all, your documents need to be verified and proved from the HRD Attestation department of the State where it has been specified.
Thereafter, that document will be attested at Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi.
Final and Last step attestation will be made at Embassy of Angola located in Delhi.

Process and Procedures for Non-Educational Documents:

Attestation process will be initiated and originated at Home Department of respective state from where document has been allotted or issued.
Thereafter, attestation will be done at Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi
Attestation procedure will end at Embassy of Angola based at Delhi.

Process and Procedure for Commercial Documents:

First and Initial attestation will be made at respective Chamber of Commerce, Delhi.
Thereafter, attestation process will be done at Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi.
Attestation process will finish at Embassy of Angola, Delhi.

Commercial Documents:

• Export Invoice
• Packaging list
• Power of Attorney
• Certificate of Origin
• Certificate of incorporation
• Chemical analysis report
• Physical analysis report