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How to Apply

MCM Attestation Services offers multiple solutions to submit your application:

• Physical submission at “MCM Attestation”
• Submission of application through courier with payments made through Demand Draft
• Submission of application through messenger with fee payments via on-line transfer or bank deposits

Please refer the below process for more details:
Step 1 : Attestation from the respective Regional Authentication Centers
• All original documents requiring attestation or apostille ought to be 1st documented by the selected agencies within the state from wherever the document has been issued.
• In case of private documents, Home Department / General Administration Department of the document provision state are the selected authorities.
• In case of instructional documents, the documents ought to 1st be documented by the Department of Education of the involved State Government/Union Territory.
• Commercial Documents are to be pre-authenticated by the several Chambers of Commerce.
MCM Attestation may assist you getting the attestation from the relevant state authorities.
For a lot of details please visit “fees structure” section on our web site.
You may also write to us on our Email (mcmattestationservices@gmail.com) mentioned or call our helpline number +91- 9999-380-858/958.

Step 2 :
Submitting your application at MCM Attestation Centre Physical submission of application by paying fee by money or Demand draft:

• For physical submission of application, applicant or their representative may visit one of the “MCM Attestation Centre” along with the below mentioned documents.
• For details related to the address and application timings please refer to our website.
• Duly stuffed and signed kind {form} (available on web site underneath transfer form section.
You may conjointly request our application center employees to supply you the appliance form)

• Original document/s to be attested/apostilled
• Photocopy of document/s to be attested/apostilled
• Photocopy of 1st and last page of applicant’s passport (in case of wedding certificates the passport photocopy is needed for each husband and wife)

• In case of Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), please carry the unique identity that’s your passport.
• The same are going to be came when the submission of application.

• The applicant has option to pay applicable charges through Demand Draft or by Cash
• If payments will be made through DD.
• Then a demand draft in favor of “MCM Attestation Services Pvt Ltd New Delhi” with total owed fee

Courier application with payments through Demand Draft:
For courier application with payments through Demand Draft, applicant need to forward the below mentioned documents to VFS attestation center in New Delhi. Refer to our Website.
• Duly filled and signed Application form
• Original document/s to be attested/apostilled
• Photocopy of document/s to be attested/apostilled
• Photocopy of first and last page of claimant’s passport (in case of marriage certificates the passport photocopy is required for both husband and wife)
• Demand Draft with total payable fee in favor of “MCM Attestation Services Pvt Ltd New Delhi”

Step 3
Collecting your processed documents from MCM Attestation Services
• If you have requested for passback through courier, MCM Attestation Services will send the processed documents at the address mentioned in the application form.
• Please show MCM Attestation Services to Courier staff before collecting your documents.
• For those requested who requested for counter delivery are required to visit the respective application center to collect their documents after processing.
• Please carry the (Invoice Cum Receipt) ICR copy during the collection

• If your document(s) is laminated, please ensure the same is delaminated before being submitted for attestation
• Delamination at times causes damage to the document. MCM Attestation Services
holds absolutely NO responsibility for such damage should the applicant want their document be delaminated by MCM Attestation Services.