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MEA Attestation Services

We at MCM Attestation Services, is one of the well-known and recognized attestation service offer all around Delhi. Holding experience and qualified specialists to assist best, we offer and deliver you great support in context of MEA-Apostille Services in New Delhi area. Our backing comprises of entire explanations linked and connected with MEA & Apostille service such as attestation, clearance and other connected works. Our best quality services and procedures will help you to complete the procedure in minimum time period.

The Ministry of External Affairs holds authority for authenticating and validate original documents/true copies of documents with adhere to use them in abroad. Ministry of External Affairs does attestation in two types:

oman embassy attestation

Apostille | MEA-Apostille Services
Normal Attestation | SDM Apostille

MEA Apostille Services

In easy terms, Apostille is the qualification and certification of public documents which also involves notarized one with potential to use them nationally as well as internationally in all countries that have joined the Apostille sector of Hague convention. Apostille is signified as international verification that is adequate within 112 countries of world, extremely the western world. This authentication ensures that public document to be attested is verified within the country of their origin.
If in case, any legal or public document that is issued within any part of India is intended to be utilized in any of the Hague convention countries, such as UK, USA and other European nations, it is compulsory and mandatory to put Apostille stamp on document from Ministry of Affairs in Delhi. You can get this attestation process done very easily with our sources and assistance.

Apostille is required within below mentioned cases:

• Certificate Apostille to get employment in abroad.
• Certificate Apostille for higher study in foreign country.
• Certificate Apostille for visa transfer.
• Certificate Apostille to attain family visa.
• Educational Documents
• Degree Certificate
• PG Degree Certificate
• Diploma Certificate
• BE Certificate
• Nursing Certificate
• SSC Certificate
• Inter Certificate
• HSC Certificate
• MBBS Certificate
• MD Certificate
• Dentists Certificate

Procedure for Non-Educational Document:

• At first, validation needs to be done by the State Home Department/GAD of the concerned State Government/Union Territory.
• Further, Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi is the final verification and authentication.
• Commercial Documents
• Export Invoice
• Power of Attorney
• Packaging list
• Certificate of Origin
• Chemical analysis report
• Physical analysis report
• Certificate of incorporation

Procedure for Commercial Documents:

Respective Chamber of Commerce did the first authentication of document.
Final attestation of document will be done by Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs. New Delhi.

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