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oman embassy attestation

Oman Embassy Attestation

Are you planning to Travel to Oman? If your answer is yes then, MCM Attestation Services can assist you best in circumstance of legalizing or attesting all the necessary and mandatory documents from Government of Oman, which will help you further in different ways. It is very much obligatory and mandatory to have all the documents attested first while leaving for the country as you can avail lots of benefits with these after reaching Oman.

oman embassy attestation

You can start your occupation there as an employee, if you own all the legal documents with Government authentication and verification. Moreover, you can avail hospital services if any emergency strikes or it will help your children to get admissions in school as well as in applying for further education.

Benefits of Oman Attestation

• It can help us in attaining an employ visa and start working there legally without any issues.
• It is very much crucial and plays a vital role for submitting an application for resident visa as well as to obtain visa for your family.
• It is fundamental in circumstances like job transfer or hierarchy change in addition to change within salary structure.
• It is beneficial and profitable in attaining medical benefits.
• It will help you in pursuing higher education as well as your children in getting admission within schools of Oman.
• It is also beneficial and profitable in cases like power of attorney, death benefits as well as to apply for spouse visa.

How to get your documents attested from Oman Embassy?

The procedure of authentication and verification is different for different types of documents. Let’s have a look on it:

Process or Procedure for Educational Document

First and Initial of all, document need to be attested from Human Resource Development department of the state from where document is originated or initiated.
After that, attestation of document will be done at Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi
Final and last stage of attestation will be done at Oman Embassy situated at Delhi, India.

Educational Documents:

• PG Degree Certificate
• Degree Attestation
• Diploma Certificate
• BE Certificate
• Inter Certificate
• MBBS Certificate
• Nursing Certificate
• Dentists Certificate
• SSC Certificate
• HSC Certificate
• Engineering Certificate
• Transcript Certificate
• Pharmacy Certificate
• Nursing Certificate
• MS Certificate
• MD Certificate

Process or Procedure for Non-Educational Documents:

Initially and Firstly document will be attested at HRD department of the particular state from where it is originated and initiated.
After that document will be attested at Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi.
If in case your documents are Non-educational they considered personal in nature like Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate etc then they can be apostilled from Ministry of External Affairs. If it would be apostilled then there is no requirement of Oman embassy attestation.

Non-Educational Documents:

• Marriage Certificate attestation
• Birth Certificate
• Registration Certificate
• Medical Certificate
• Leaving Certificate
• Police Clearance
• Bona-fide Certificate
• Power of Attorney Certificate
• Marriage Affidavit Certificate

Process or Procedure for Commercial Document:

Document need to be attested at first for initiated from its respective chamber of commerce.
Further, document will be attested at Ministry of External Affairs.
At the end and Final step of attestation of document will end at Embassy of Oman.

Commercial Documents:

• Export Invoice
• Packaging list
• Physical analysis report
• Chemical analysis report
• Certificate of Origin
• Certificate of incorporation
• Power of Attorney
All of the documents that need to be attested have a standard and reasonable fee which an individual or a person requires to pay. The fee and taxes depends upon type of documents and purpose of departure to Oman.

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